Abraham Ammi talks about Music his Ghana Experience and his up coming Single

Abraham Ammi

Iwazi Nigeria:Hope you are having a great day?
Abraham Ammi: Yes I am

Iwazi Nigeria: Are you one of those who started music in your mother’s? Womb?
Abraham Ammi: My mum is a singer , So I came into a music family or through a music person

Iwazi Nigeria: When did u make the decision to carve out a career in music?
Abraham Ammi: I started doing music 2000 with playing the drums, I started it professionally 2010

Iwazi Nigeria: Who and what are the biggest influence on your music?
Abraham Ammi: Personalities are..J moss, Tye tribbet, Kim burrel and pastor Isaiah fosu…Environment, friends are my influence

Iwazi Nigeria: How many songs have u recorded so far?
Abraham Ammi: two, the third one is dropping on Friday

Iwazi Nigeria: So far which of your songs will you regard as your best work?
Abraham Ammi: Actually I can’t state which is my best, they are all my best because they mean same to me with respect to their lyrics

Iwazi Nigeria: You won a musical award in Ghana please can u tell us about it?
Abraham Ammi: I was nominated in the category of the best Gospel artist in the all Ghana university award, I was just with friends when I got a call and was asked if I was Ammi Abraham? I said I am and I was told I was nominated for an award and I was shocked , to Gods glory Amidst all the nominees I emerged the winner..One of the major things that made me,win was my song “Na Only You which was my hit and first song

Iwazi Nigeria: What was it like as a Nigerian in Ghana?
Abraham Ammi: It was a haucalian task, but then I learnt to relate with people from different parts of this world, though there were times when you could see sentiments , but then one had to learn to be patient and cope

Iwazi Nigeria: What’s the difference between Ghanian music and Nigerian music.
Abraham Ammi: They both have their unique flair per genre…Ghanaians do their locals well while Nigerians do very good contemporary.

Iwazi Nigeria: Tell us about your current project?
Abraham Ammi: I’m working on my 3rd single titled “Glory to the lamb,It’s a “Neosoul music,It’s a lovely song

Iwazi Nigeria: Which producers are you working with?
Abraham Ammi: Miracle Anthony ….My official producer But then Giidie keys is the one producing Glory to the lamb

Iwazi Nigeria: When are we expecting an EP or an Album?
Abraham Ammi: I’m working on dropping my first official album next year,plans are already going on

Iwazi Nigeria: Let’s digress a bit. Are we expecting wedding bells anytime soon?
Abraham Ammi: Lols, Well let’s just say in two or three years time God willing, something should happen

Iwazi Nigeria: Apart from Jalingo, what other city in Nigeria would u like to move.
Abraham Ammi: I’m just in love with jalingo because I’ve traveled to almost all the states in Nigeria, I love jalingo,should there be any state I’ll go to Delta

Iwazi Nigeria: What Kind of Music do you do?
Abraham Ammi: Contemporary Gospel music

Iwazi Nigeria: Who are the people you are looking at collaborating with?
Abraham Ammi: Pastor Isaiah fosu, Nathaniel bassey and William McDowell

Iwazi Nigeria: What’s your take on gospel musicians collaborating with known secular artistes?
Abraham Ammi: Well everyone has his own revelation and conviction , but then except otherwise, I don’t have plans collaborating with any

Iwazi Nigeria: So leave us a word sir.
Abraham Ammi: ‘Grateful….’ Since na just word

Iwazi Nigeria: Lol… it was nice talking to you. Based on how your last two releases were, we can’t wait for this third track.
Abraham Ammi: Oshe sir…Meanwhile Na Only You have been playing on Tv stations in different countries It plays every Sunday morning on Taraba television which Is international cos it’s on star time.

Abraham Ammi’s latest track glory to the lamb will be dropping tomorrow Friday 23rd November 2018 on different platform nation wide. watch this space for more info



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