Arsenal FC and the Other Invincibles

arsenal fc and the other invincibles in England and Europe

Liverpool FC may win the league, but an average Arsenal FC fan can go to bed this season that our one and possibly only bragging right is still intact. We can beat our chest and hold our heads up high that in the current era, Arsenal are the only invincible team. Like the proverbial lizard, we nod our head in respect to our team of 2003/2004. That team  played 49 games without losing any.

In 1883, Preston North End was the first team to make history when they won all their 22 league matches. They also won their 5 FA cup matches. Thereby becoming the only team to do the double and remain unbeaten in all competition while doing so.

After the Amazing achievement of Preston North, it was gunners who broke the record. During the 2003/2004 EPL season, Arsenal FC repeated the feat. The then gunners did it by not losing a single game out of 38 EPL matches played. They extended it into the next season, playing a total of 49 games, without conceding defeat. They won 26 league matches that season, drew 12 and as you know, lost none. Even though they couldn’t do the double that season like Preston did when they won, they were given a special trophy made of gold.

Even though, they may not be the only European team to have such records, but in contemporary EPL, that’s their biggest bragging right. Celtic went unbeaten in 2017/ 2018 season with 60 games. Union 5.9 did same in 1933/1935 season. Juventus equaled the gunners when they went unbeaten for 49 games. AC Milan also went unbeaten for 58 games, when they won 22 and drew 12 games in the 1991/1992 season. Steaua played 104 league matches and lost none of them between 1986 to 1989.

It would have been a beauty to watch Liverpool join these historic lot as a historic team themselves, but we can wish them better luck next time.


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