AY Tells Fans to Let Love Lead You

AY Tells Fans to Let Love Lead You-

AY Tells Fans to Let Love Lead You. Popular stand-up Comedian Ayo Makun generally known as AY has come out to admonished people. AY through his instagram page shared the heart warming advice to the people who are feeling overwhelmed by Covid-19 pandemic. He urged people to look on the brighter side of life. AY told people to forget what they have lost this period and be grateful for life. He reminded rich people to know that there are people who are less privileged than they are. These people do not even have food to eat.

AY also advised people to stay at home this period for the good of everyone. Furthermore, he appreciated everyone that has given to the fight against Covid-19. He encouraged people to render help in any little way that they can this period. More so, he advised his fans that this Covid-19 will soon go away and nobody should lose hope now.

He wrote:

“Whenever you think of those canceled trips, always remember that there are people with no place to go. thinking of the money you are losing due to the tumult of the pandemic on the economy, remember they are people with no source of income at all.

“When you settle in for quarantine at home remember that there are people with no homes. When you have the flexibility to care for your children, also remember that they are children out there going hungry with no meals.

“During this time that we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other, may God bless those whom have sacrificed in one way or the other in helping friends, families and those in need around them. You may not be able to take care of everyone around you, but let love lead.”

maintain Social distancing. Submit yourself for testing. wash your hands.


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