Cristiano Ronaldo to launch new cartoon for kids


Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo popularly called CR7 has joined forces with graphic novel and animation producers Graphic India to help co-create a new cartoon series for kids, according to the company on twitter.

The show is called “Striker Force 7” and will see the often-overlapping worlds of professional football and superheroes brought together on screen once again.

A character bearing Ronaldo’s likeness stands central in the promotional imagery, where he is joined by various accomplices — including what looks suspiciously like a hammerhead shark wielding an ice hockey stick.

“In the same way football connects cultures and people around the world, I believe great animated characters and heroes can do the same,” Ronaldo said.

“That’s why I am excited to bring together these passions of football and superheroes through this project and share it with my fans.”


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