Don’t Waste Your Funds For 2023 Presidency-MASSOB Tells South-East Politicians

Don't Waste Your Funds For 2023 Presidency-MASSOB

Don’t Waste Your Funds For 2023 Presidency-MASSOB. The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has advised politicians from the South-East not to waste their funds on the 2023 presidency.

This was made public by MASSOB’s National Director of Information, Mr. Sunday Okereafor. Mr Sunday stated this during a telephone interview with Punch on Wednesday. He insisted that having a President of Nigeria from the South East region is impossible.

According to him, the plot to ensure that no Igbo would ever assume the position of President began after the civil war. He added that any Igbo who decided to run for the presidency in 2023, would only be wasting his or her money.

He said:

“Those people calling them to be ready for the presidency are not sincere. We know that it will turn out to be a waste of funds and a waste of time. The Igbo will never rule Nigeria; so, the Igbo politicians should avoid wasting their money.

“Alex Ekwueme tried it and failed, Rochas Okorocha went and failed, Ogbonnaya Onu went there and failed. Also, Odumegwu Ojukwu tried the presidency and failed; a lot of Igbo tried it and failed.”

Okereafor urged Igbo youths to engage themselves in meaningful ventures. He also advised them to shun any politician from Igbo extraction seeking their support for Igbo presidency. This also conflict with Ohanaeze who has said the South-East will produce the next president.

He pointed out that some Igbo in government only went there to get money, saying nobody will take them seriously when the time to occupy critical positions in government comes. You can recall that a sitting Minister has also advised the south-East for looking at the highest seat in the country.


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