Dr Joe articulates Ways to Make the 7-Point Demands Better.

Dr. Joe Abah a social commentator has articulated ways the 7-Point demand in the public space with regards to ending police brutality can be improved upon.

I welcome the 7-Point Demands in the public space, as a step forward in the #EndSARS #EndSWAT debate. However, although it is well intentioned, it needs much clearer articulation for it to have any effect. In the following short thread, I will offer some guidance.

  1. Institutional Reform (Security): This is fine.
  2. Cost of Governance: What RMAFC approves is not the problem. It is what people like NASS award to themselves, without approval from RMAFC or anyone else, that is the problem. The demand here should be reformulated.
  3. Constitutional Reform: There is no provision for referendum in the current constitution, so it is impossible to have an immediate referendum. This demand needs to be reformulated.
  4. Education Reforms: The term “State of Emergency” is meaningless without clearer articulation
  5. Health Reforms: Ditto for Demand 4.
  6. Youth Reforms: Ditto for Demands 4 and 5
  7. Pubic Reforms (you mean Public): There is a need to be careful with the demand that public office holders and their families. must use public schools and hospitals.

While well-intentioned, it unduly restricts choice and assumes that everybody comes into public service poor. That is not the case. Insisting on this could have the negative effect of discouraging accomplished Nigerians who can afford private care from serving. Think am o. End.

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