Fela for President


This is not a satirical post of any kind, just my opinion on why I think Fela may not become the president of Nigeria. Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about the weed smoking, pant wearing saxophone blowing, singing Fela, no, he is dead and gone which makes it very impossible for him, though he is legend in his own right and one of Nigeria’s most respected musicians uptill date. I mean the one who is a consultant and brand builder Fela Durotoye.


I happen to be in a meeting where he spoke convincingly to young people as to why they need to take the future that is theirs and vote for the right candidate in the coming election (and by so he means himself, trust me nobody running for office would tell you to vote for your choice). As convincing as he sound he was almost talking to the wrong audience who was good at cheering like it was a concert or something. At the tail end of his wonderful speech he asked about those without a registered voter’s card and almost the whole room was hands up, you see, wrong audience who would only care about taking pictures with Fela and posting on social media for their friends to see their life’s achievement.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying these people cannot get a PVC, but the truth is most of them will not get the PVC and even if they do, trust me they may not use it to vote, just like me (don’t ask me what I use mine for either). I admire Fela a lot and I hope he becomes the president someday (fulfilling the dream of the other Fela, remember he said he would be President someday, it doesn’t really matter which Fela did it), but then how many of the intellectual people will he convince that he is the right man for the job. A man who has spoken to be upright and just running against different political parties who run a smelly decay system where they believed votes can be bought from the citizens they have starved so hard waiting for election day to make them feel important. He still have the market women who will queue up for 2,000 naira and rice accompanied with groundnut oil to convince too and don’t forget he has to also look for a way to fix in sycophants who have already been brain washed by the other political parties and needs brain formatting to let go of the stipends that they so hopefully depends on for their praise choruses. _



Trust me on election day I might go against all odds to ink my thumb for this man but then will other voter’s who are keen on having their favorite political parties not minding if they fulfilled their earlier promises to them or would not just mind as long as it favours their political affiliate they are okay with it.


Get your PVC and go out and vote for the ‘right” candidate during elections. (And right here might just be the highest bidder of your fundamental right to vote.


(The Comedy Geek)


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