Governor of Kaduna state Installs , Ambassador Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli as the 19th Emir of Zazzau

19th Emir of Zazzau

19th Emir of Zazzau: The governor of Kaduna state Malam Nasir is in Zaria for the formal installation of His Highness, Ambassador Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli as the 19th Emir of Zazzau. His Highness Ambassador Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli after taking the oath of office was presented with the Staff of Office as the 19th Emir of Zazzau by Malam Nasir. The governor in a speech expressed his delight to be present at the coronation.








“I am delighted to join the people of Zazzau Emirate for the presentation of the Staff of Office to His Highness, Ambassador Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli, the 19th Emir of Zazzau, the first born after independence. This is a historic moment” “Your Highness ascends the throne in a much changed era to that of your illustrious predecessors. These are more modern times, with fresh opportunities and many old and new challenges. Ours is an incredibly young state, with 89% of residents being younger than 35 years. We are grappling with expanding the opportunities for jobs, sound education and decent healthcare that can help channel this youthfulness as a positive resource. Some of our communities are menaced by security challenges. We need better data about who lives in the state, what they do and what facilities exist or are required in the communities in which they reside. The traditional institution can be a vital partner in addressing these challenges.

As Governor of Kaduna State, it is God’s Will that I am privileged to be the first elected public servant to appoint an Emir of Zazzau in an independent, democratic setting. This occasion of handing over the Staff of Office to the 19th Fulani Emir of Zazzau is taking place exactly 100 years since the colonial Governor of Northern Region, Herbert Symonds Goldsmith, unjustly deposed your grandfather, Emir Aliyu Dan-Sidi of blessed memory. Our faith teaches that power and authority belong to Allah, He alone gives to whoever He wishes at a time and circumstances best known to Him. I therefore call on all those that contested the Emirship to accept the will of Allah and join hands with the 19th Emir of Zazzau. I also appeal to the title holders, district heads, and members of the Emirate Council, the good people of Zazzau Emirate, and indeed all the citizens of Kaduna State to rally around our new Emir by extending to him their full support and cooperation. One of our legislative targets during the 2020-2021 legislative year is a new law to strengthen and enhance the capacity of the traditional institution by providing clearly defined roles for our Royal Highnesses in community governance.

The new law will also legislate clear dynastic succession order in all emirates and chiefdoms with more than one ruling house I have the pleasure to formally present to His Royal Highness, Ambassador Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli, the Staff of Office as the 19th Fulani Emir of Zazzau. We wish Your Highness a successful and peaceful reign.”


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