Ik Ogbonna Gets dragged on Social Media

Ik Ogbonna Gets dragged on Social Media
Ik Ogbonna Gets dragged on Social Media

Ik Ogbona is the latest of Nigerian Celebrities to be dragged on twitter in recent times. The Nollywood super star actor was called out by Tory Lanez for posting the Nigerian flag  on the comment section of his life video every two minutes.

Ik was initially trying to be patriotic but eventually decided to become a pain in the ass when Tory Lanez disrespectfully called him out and Nigerians decided to be the Nigerians they are and drag him the nine miles. He eventually went on to post the same flag in less than every two minutes throughout the live video as a sign of protest. and it didn’t go down well with a lot of Nigerians on twitter and instagram.

Tory Lanez is is a Canadian rapper singer rapper and producer. signed to Benny Blanco, mad love records through inter scope record. He released his debut studio album I told you on 19th august 2016. He has gone ahead to do two more albums; memories don’t die 9th march 2018 and Love me out (0ctober 26th 2018). In 2017, he was nominated in the best R&B song category of the Grammy award.

In a bid to keep his fans entertained, he has been engaging them with live performances on his social media platform (Instagram).

Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbona is a Nollywood actor, model, director and TV personality from Abia State. He started acting in 2013 when he stared in Rucky Sanda’s movie Lovelom. He has won two AMVCAs for his talented and creative acting. Ik is also a model and the ambassador for Dorco shaving Stick.



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