Lagos state to treat Covid-19 patients from home

Lagos state to treat

Lagos state to treat Covid-19 patients from home:The Lagos State Government has announced that strategies are being put in place strategies for the commencement of home-based management of asymptomatic and mild COVID-19 cases

The Honourable Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi, explained that the State government is working on parameters to integrate home-based care into the isolation strategy for the management of mild cases

He stressed that asymptomatic and mild stages of the infection will now be managed at home rather than at the Isolation Centres. Abayomi noted that home-based care is necessitated by the surge in positive cases within communities due to increased testing capacity, adding that the rising numbers have reduced the available number of bed spaces in isolation facilities.

He stressed that the State government will manage patients with moderate and severe cases at the Isolation Centres to prevent exposing others to the danger of infection

The Commissioner noted that home-based care for asymptomatic and mild patients will be strictly monitored, stressing that an asymptomatic patient can turn mild and a mild patient may turn moderate or even severe which will require management of such cases at an Isolation Facility based on these realities, patients receiving home-based care will be provided with a COVID-19 pack. This pack will enable patient and their care givers monitor the body temperature as well as oxygen level of the patient and be able to provide certain vitamins and pain reliving drugs to manage the infected person.

Abayomi stressed that it is illegal to manage COVID-19 patients in private facilities without the knowledge and approval of the State government, as such, he insists that every COVID-19 patient must be disclosed to the government for adequate data capturing

Professor Abayomi disclosed that three private hospitals have already been accredited to manage COVID-19 cases, with one already admitting patients and the other two ready to start admission and management of patients



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