Life after Covid-19 Starts Now

Life after Covid-19 Starts Now
Life after Covid-19 Starts Now

Life after Covid-19 Starts Now. This article makes you prepare for life after this period. This will make you take the necessary steps in preparing for what comes after the virus is gone. This period is not new to mankind, what will separate us from the dinosaurs is if we chose to accept change or continue to walk in ignorance. The entire world is at a ‘standstill’ and in a state of panic.But I believe This time calls for calmness and critical thinking in order to scale through.take or leave it,things are not going to be the same again after this pandemic. In the days of Joshua, a leader of the Children of Israel, the sun stood still after Joshua prayed to God in order to avenge their enemies. In this period you don’t fold your hands and expect miracles when you have not made any move on your part.

This covid-19 will usher the world into a new phase that will change so many things. New laws and policies will been enacted and new companies will emerge. So many companies will go into oblivion even small medium businesses (SME’s) This does not call for panic, cry and anxiety but a call to face reality and be prepared for  what is coming. It is high time countries, states, families and individuals starts thinking of ways to prepare for this new phase. This is not the time to blame Government but the time to assemble oneself for the task ahead. The world as we know it is moving at a fast rate and we as humans in it can’t afford to be static. We all need to look into the future and start building for the rainy days just as Noah did in his time.

This time calls for reflection and critical analysis for prompt action. Several theories have been written in this time but you haveto know what you pay attention to. In Chinese language, the word crisis has two meanings, trouble and opportunity. This is the best time to look at what is happening with the ken eye of an entrepreneur. Over a one hundred years ago (100) the Spanish Flu was the pandemic that threaten the world. The world went all out to find the solution and save mankind from the life threatening disease. In this period looking for solutions to life problems gives you an advantage over others. In this period look for practical strategies to apply in your life. This time should be an incubation season for you to grow yourself to take charge in life. The truth is that there is life after Covid-19 and it has to start.



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