Movie Review – American Crime Story

being a fan of Black American movies, I couldn’t overlook the multiple references made by such movies to OJ Simpson, little wonder my interest when I was introduced to a series that tells the OJ Simpson story. American Crime story is the collection of crimes committed by non criminals. usually passion of crimes. So far two stories has been told. One about the trial of OJ Simpson another the murder of Gianni Versace. Both stories has been pretty interesting and worth the several hours spent to shoot them as long as the ones sent to watch them.
Season One
OJ Simpson kills his  wife and is fast on the run in a bit to avoid law enforcement agencies as well as media scrutiny. He was eventually apprehended and placed n trial for the murder of his wife. it was a fierce legal battle between the OJ Simpson and the people of United states of America. He was eventually discharged and acquitted despite a lot of people feeling that he was actually guilty of the Crime
Season Two
Andrew cunanan is on the run after shooting and killing Gianni Versace in front of his house. The murder investigation was widely publicized and Andrew Cunanan a fugitive of the law continued to evade law enforcement agencies until he couldn’t any more. He eventually killed himself, the FBI could only find his dead body.


Number of seasons: Two

IMDB Ratings: 8.5

Genres: Biography | Crime | Drama

Popularity Rating: 49th Most popular TV series.

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