Nigerians Fraudsters Not A Yardstick To Judge Nigerians-Dabiri Erewa

Nigerians Fraudsters Not A Yardstick To Judge Nigerians-Dabiri Erewa

Nigerians Fraudsters Not A Yardstick To Judge Nigerians-Dabiri Erewa. Recall that some Nigerians in Dubai were arrested for fraud particularly Ramoni Igbalode, known as Hushpuppi. The NIDCOM Chief said such arrest should not be a yardstick against other Nigerians. She said people should not in any way judge and stereotype Nigerians who are excelling globally. This was made known by Gabriel Odu of the Media, Public Relations and Protocol Unit, NIDCOM.

Chairman /CEO, NIDCOM Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa was quoted saying:

”Nigerians all over the world are known to be hardworking, diligent and determined and succeeding tremendously in their chosen careers wherever they are”.

She noted that bad news travels fast, this she made in reference to a Nigerian Mr Ikenna Nweke who was appreciated and commended by the Japanese government and the Police for returning a lost wallet with large sums of money and a Credit Card. Yet, it did not make headlines. Also while the news of Hushpuppi was trending, a Nigerian in Russia Dr Chidubem Obi Graduated with a 5.0 GPA cleaning all established records in Russia.

She stressed that Nigerians unarguably are the most educated immigrants in the United States. They are hard working, committed, determined and very successful in their career and professions. According to the Chairman/CEO Nigerians in Diaspora commended the FBI and the EFCC. They have been tracking and tracing fraudsters, she noted that the law must be allowed to take its cause.

The NIDCOM Boss added:

“let us focus more on the positive things Nigerians in the Diaspora are doing than the few negative narratives. Such had purportedly give Nigeria a bad image. Some Nigerians are working three to four jobs per day. Yet acts such as those arrested for fraud are used to judge and stereotype them”.

She urged the youths to channel their energies to the path of honesty and integrity. Youths should uphold high moral values stressing again that one bad apple cannot spoil the whole bunch.


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