Nyesom Wike: PDP Won Edo State Election Because Of The Visa Ban By The US

Nyesom Wike: PDP Won Edo State Because Of The Visa Ban By The US

Nyesom Wike: PDP Won Edo State Because Of The Visa Ban By The US. Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has attributed the recent visa ban by the United States on some Nigerians involved in electoral fraud as the reason for the successful conduct of the Edo Governorship election.

He made this claim while speaking as a guest on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily on Friday. He stated that threatening to place a visa ban on anyone found guilty of rigging, forced people to act appropriately. President Buhari said the whole world has acclaimed that Edo election was perhaps one of the best conducted in recent times in Nigeria.

He said:

“One thing that played out and which I noticed was the role of the international community. For example, the US, the UK came out and said that there would be a visa ban if anybody tries anything in terms of violence or rigging and they have gone further to ban some governors”.

“Everybody was being careful, saying, I don’t want to have any problem. I don’t want my children and family to have any problem. We all go to the UK every time.

“Infact they should even go further, not only politicians, but security agencies. Then you’ll see everybody will sit up and say look. I cannot jeopardize the future of my children and mine. Simply because you want me to rig the election, so it’s very key”.


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