ICPC set to investigate the source of the looted items

Palliatives Looting

Palliatives Looting: ICPC to Investigate Sources of Looted Items.

In the aftermath of the looting spree that ensued as a result of the protests across the country, ICPC is set to commence the investigation of the sources of looted items. This move is in response to increasing public demands on the Commission to investigate and uncover the rationale behind the storage of palliative materials meant for the suffering masses in warehouses across the country which were supposed to be distributed to the people.

We can recall that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission had earlier taken proactive measures to prevent corruption in the administration of the COVID-19 funds by setting up a monitoring team that was charged with the responsibility of preventing possible abuse. The big question now is if such a team was set up and they did their jobs accordingly, why are the foods stored and kept away from the people, why was there no alarm raise by the team of ICPC over what is obviously diversion of funds? As usual, many questions and we hope this time we get answers.



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