Suicide or Murder (my thoughts on the dead Uniport student)


I have a contrary opinion to the popular opinion on social media concerning most of the claims that a lot of people are dying or killing themselves because of depression. My divergent view is in light of the recent story around our social media space about a young lady with a seemingly bright future who has lost her life.

I say lost her life because I do not believe she took her life, I believe someone else did. Well, it’s my own opinion and if you do not find it reasonable, feel free to discard it, but I strongly hold on to it that the lady was murdered.

The crime scene did not look like a place where someone was poisoned. The lady did not struggle nor throw up as such signs where not visible in that photo. What if the scene was reconstructed before the photo was taken, or the girl was actually beaten to death and the poison planted at the scene to make it look like a suicide?

After all, the girl is depressed and suicidal so who will care to compare the facts? In another line of thought, are we beginning to see a trend that suggests an abuse of the word ‘depression’.

As a usual trend in Nigeria everything has the tendency to suffer abuse. In the words of my friend Loliya Quinton, “I don’t even want to hear that word. Nigerians don useless the word as usual, people wey broke because them no get work and can’t steal say they are depressed, people who got jilted by their Randy or promiscuous lovers say they are depressed”.

She seems to believe that most times Nigerians seem to misunderstand others experiences or moods as depression. So you met a medical doctor who is doing well and probably spending on you and you did not bother whether or not he’s married?

It turns out he is and at that point you are pregnant. You are heart broken and ashamed to face your society so you take the coward’s route and kill yourself and our Nigerian society will claim you where depressed because you made a video claiming you were.

In the end all am saying is we should learn to compartmentalize things, and instead of jumping into conclusion, address issues in there peculiarity, thereby giving issues the attention they deserve.

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