The Man In the Mirror by Roy Clintson





I woke up this morning, very weak, cashless and depressed. I tried to think but couldn’t think of anything positive. All that crossed my mind were 999 possible reasons why things aren’t working.

I blamed myself, my parents, the government and clients. Yeah, twas kinda funny tho’.

Ok, lets skip the boring parts. You see,

For some time now I’ve been asking; “What Works For You?” I’ve been asking myself same question.

Truth is, not all formulas will solve your problem/challenge. Nah! So, don’t think of applying same methods Mr. A applied. But sure, Mr. A’s approach could aid you to solving your problem. So…

Funny how we wake up to the dawn of a new level in our lives without noticing the changes. We grow! Yeah, we grow at each tick of the clock, and so do the man in the mirror.

Looking at this picture of Dr. Barz, if I were his dad and I’m to die right now (like right now), I’ll die smiling knowing fully well that the future is bright.

Mr. 2kay and Idahams, in their record said; “God can bless anybody”. So also; “Anybody can be Anybody”. It all depends on who or what you want to be – your reflection.

When you look at the mirror who/what do you see? While others sees their reflection, great minds see the future.

The mirror isn’t for makeups only, it’s a passport to the future. That gift/talent is not just a talent for showbiz. It’s a tool to become that man in the mirror.

Dr. Barz is the present…  Dr. Barz is the future…

Invest in/on this young man now and watch him grow to being “that star we’ve always prayed for”

This is no time to complain!

This is no time to talk much!

This is not time to rant End Free Shows and sit back doing nothing!

This is no time to wait for tro-tro to be carried along!

This is a time to be brave with your life!

This, is a time to fight!

PH is a jungle. The jungle don wake, you need to roar!

PS: In all, don’t forget that he is human. At some point, the man in the mirror will swallow him up with fame and all that… But with you and me, still here believing and praying for our star, he’ll smile back at us. Yeah, he got a beautiful smile, I’ve seen it a couple of times.

Forgive the tone of this write up, I’m still trying to figure out how to end the day.

Well, I think I’ll stop here, I’ve got to use the restroom…. Sorry

Just so you know, I am #TheCommissioner



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