Timi Dakolo Urges Ighalo To Dump Manchester United

Timi Dakolo Urges Igaloh To Dump Manchester United

Timi Dakolo Urges Ighalo To Dump Manchester United. Timi Dakolo has advised Odion ighalo to dump his current Manchester United team for a team in china. His advice is coming on the premise that the Chinese team is offering far more than Manchester United will be willing to offer a player like Ighalo. Recall that last month, Shanghai Shenhua has offered Ighalo a eighty million pounds deal. The deal comes with a four hundred thousand pounds weekly wage.  A team he is currently on loan from to Manchester United. Showing his fine form, Manchester United are hoping to retain him after his deal expires in china alongside his loan deal. The will like to keep him on his current hundred thousand pounds weekly wage. As far as Timi is concerned, 8 Billion is far bigger than 2 billion.

Timi Dakolo Urges Ighalo To Dump Manchester United
Odion ighalo In Manchester United jersey








Uncle Ighalo,A lot of Us would love to keep watching you in the premiere league but please go back to China and earn that ya 8 billion in peace.There is a big difference between 8billion and 2 billion (man united are offering).Anywhere you play,we still love you.#myopinion

6:32 PM · Apr 15, 2020

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Other Nigerians have criticized Timi’s stand, they feel that Ighalo should not only Focus on money but should also look out for fulfillment, fame and glory. And they believe Manchester United is in the right place to give him all these.

@timidakolo Hmm, pastor Timi I put it to you that would you go for it if you are asked to start singing worldly songs and be paid billions of naira? I will prefer to see  @ighalojude to continue playing in @ManUtd his dream club.. #Fulfillment

@timidakolo Without thinking twice. Lol @ pastor

Do you think Ighalo should go for money in China or stay in England with a hope of achieving glory with Manchester United?




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