The first time I attended a gospel gang party was last year March when I went to give Nwanchi Emmanuel what I can’t even remember. I was impressed when I walked into Eden lounge for the first time. Cool, cozy and comfy. The moi moi was to die for. Yeah…. Roy Clintson could be a hype man but talking about eden’s  moi moi  is no hype. The music was great, all thanks to DJ clergy Chris. Did I tell you that was the first time I met Prinx Emmanuel (Not like he will even remember me). Then he was rising star. Brother Nwanchukwu was making him shoulder padded.

Prince Emmanuel thrilling the crowed at one of the Gang Parties

Fast forward one year later, the gospel Gang party has positioned itself as arguably one of the best hang out for church boys and girls who still have a craving for that club feeling bc DJ clergy Chris won’t make allow you ,miss the club for any moment. KO baba has been a gracious and innovative host. No gang party was ever boring. And to that, I tap into the Ghanaian in me and I say m3dasi to him

KO Baba Being a Gracious Host

Tomorrow 4th may 2018 will be exceptional because it will be gospel gang party like never before; the show is leaving that small comfy lounge to the big Grace place…. Yeah….. It’s fun multiplied by ten. I hear the stage set up, the sound system and the light system will be lit!!!!!!!!!!  All thanks to our plenty new sponsors too numerous to mention. So I don’t know about you but for me, after a long day of work, I will just go and get a plate of Eden moi moi and bottle water and head down to the Grace place and party hard,


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