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Series You Should
Series You Should See 10 -6

The following are series that everyone MUST see. In my opinion they are series with great story lines, entertainment, educating insights and information. They have developed amazing characters and employed great actors and actresses to interpret these characters.

Below are ten of my must see series for any movie lover.

No. 10- Billions
Bobby Axelrod benefits from the 9/11 incident to create a multi-billion dollar hedge fund company ‘Axe Bobby cap’, together with his side kick, Wags, and his psychologist, Wendy Rods. He builds a financial institution that becomes the envy of all.
Crossing a few lines, he makes a foe out of public prosecutor Chuck rods and their endless battles is a beauty to watch.










No. 9- Prison Break.
Micheal Scofield draws up and execute series of prison breaks to protect his loved ones. It all started when his elder brother Lincoln Barrows was falsely accused and imprisoned. Scofield moves mountains just to see his brother free and exonerated. The suspense was out of this world.

Series you should watch – Prison break











No. 8- Queen Sugar
The story centers on the Bordelon family. Highlighting the challenges black family face in a predominantly white society. Haven lost their Father and Brother, Charlie, Nova, Ralph-Angel, Violet and Blue has to work together to keep the legacy of Ernest Bordelon alive. I haven’t seen actors so intense as these ones, as the story is as deep as the actors.









No. 7 The Get Down

This series only aired for one season and was cancelled. The Series follows the story of a set of teenagers whose love for hip hop music and a special blend of it called the get down where faced wit. Amazing story, great actors and beautiful series. Only one episode, but it’s a must see.










No. 6- 24.
Jack Bauer and his ever endless mission as a C. T. U. agent trying to save the world. Intriguing and suspense filled. It’s the second series I got hooked up to. It’s a must see.



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