WHO Commends Nigerian Government on her efforts to improving Primary Health Care

WHONigeria Primary Heal thcare :WHO Commends Nigerian Government

WHONigeria Primary Health care: The WHO Nigeria representative Dr. Fiona Braka in her remarks commended

Government of Nigeria for sustaining commitments towards the revitalization of primary healthcare system with special attention to improving access to quality health services.


“A well-functioning health system is built on having trained & motivated health workers, a well maintained infrastructure & reliable supply of medicines & technology backed by adequate funding strong health plans & evidence based principles. The provision of motorbikes & laptops for routine immunization officers is timely. These resources would address the current gaps in the last mile of distribution of access to vaccines & commodities & improve data quality. For the efficient use of the motorbikes, we encourage states to develop & implement maintenance as replacement plans as well as establish tracking systems. This will ensure sustainability of the use & prevent loss of the motorbikes”.

Dr. Fiona Braka


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