Why Coporate Brands Will Not Sponsor Your Event. -Nwachi Emmanuel

Nwachi Emmanuel (The Comedy Geek)

The biggest challenge most entertainers suffer from this part of the world is lack of sponsorship for either their career or event, and I don’t mean dash money sponsorship I’m talking about corporate brands buying into their brands.

As someone who has been in the business and have helped organise a few show I’ll tell you the truth most of us have nothing to really offer. Often times when we approach these people and we tell them this is what we want to do and they in turn ask for a proposal we just go copy some other person’s failed junk and send to the company. And what do we put as partnership benefits “I’ll fly your company logo on all our publicity materials, and blah blah blah”.

They probably are tired of hearing these stuff we should all actually come up with something better than that. Trust me you need to be a bigger brand to be able to promise another big brand visibility, you may call it publicity but it’s more or less making them visible to a new audience. Let’s take an AY live as an instance here, he is flying one of the biggest comedy brand in Africa and trust me any body will be willing to cash in on him, because they believe he already has an audience they can reach out to. You on the other hand besides your social media friends and the few people within your locality how many people can you really reach out to.

We really don’t have the capacity to ask for sponsorship, because we can’t really sell the brands we are approaching for these. Nobody wants to put his money in an investment that won’t yield, so before you approach someone for sponsorship or partnership you should be sure you really have a good way to sell their products to your audience or you already have an audience they can’t ignore. Write a good business proposal, state what you want from them and offer them what they will gain in return, trust me if we can focus on building a reliable brand than chasing money bags we will conquer the corporate market and they will come to us for advert placement.

It’s not called show business for nothing, you show the people the business benefits of sponsorship and they will show you their money.

Nwanchi Emmnuel

(Comedy Geek)




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