Why Nigerian students are at home resting while their mates elsewhere are learning

Why Nigerian students are at home resting while their mates elsewhere are learning
Why Nigerian students are at home resting while their mates elsewhere are learning

Almost a month into the lock down, Most schools in Europe are actually about to round off their semester work, some Private Universities in Nigeria are on similar ‘wave length but our public schools are far from doing anything. Actually, for almost a month now, most university students are on holiday. Doing practically nothing other than eat, browse the net, chat and sleep. This is contrary to their counterparts outside Nigeria especially in Europe and America.

I have decided to delve into some of the factors keeping our ever eager to learn under graduates at home and with no hope of learning

  • Lecturers on strike.

So it turns out that before the lock down, lecturers were to embark on an indefinite strike action (a scenario that is no longer new in the Nigerian system) and as it turns out, the eventually did alongside the lock down. So while the students are on lock down, lecturers are on strike.

  • Availability of Resources.

Only One in every ten under graduate in Nigerian public institutions have a personal computer, a lot who have them usually spend most of their times on it watching movies. The ones, who are ready to use the personal computers for learning purpose, do not have adequate access to quality internet service. More so most of the lecturers in the public school system are not the savvy and do not find using the internet to teach as effective, others just do not know how to use the.

  • Power supply

The power supply in Nigeria is erratic. The inconsistent and unpredictable nature of the power supply has even made it difficult for schools to properly schedule learning times. For students to effectively follow lectures online, the will need constant or at least predictable power supply to be able to cat up.

  • Data

Then the issue of data; this has now become a recurrent decimal in our daily conversation. The fact that our internet service providers are actually billing very high. Students can’t really keep up learning online if they have to part with huge sums in the purchase of data

  • Government just don’t Care.

All we have heard them talk about is palliative and donations. Other sectors of the country have been neglected.  I pray we don’t pay for that dearly afterwards). The government does not care if the Nigerian Youth is educated or not, it didn’t start today and with their recent behavior, there seems to be no end in sight. They have not taken any step or action to help students learn online. I remember during the 2019 election, The PDP in Rivers state, provided android phones and tablets for their agents in every electoral unit of the state as well as a sim card that has internet connectivity that never ran dry. If a political party can do that, I am sure it’s not beyond the federal government of Nigeria.


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