Young Business Woman Dies Of Heart Failure Amid Lockdown

Young Business Woman Dies Of Heart Failure Amid Lockdown

Businesswoman, Judith Omonua, popularly known as Ghunu, has died after battling a heart condition for years which led to heart failure. It was revealed that she was supposed to undergo a heart pace maker surgery abroad but due to the lock down, she couldn’t travel for the surgery.

Judith, 24, is the founder of the brand Ghunu Effect. She died on Monday, April 27 2020. This news came as a shock to satisfied clients who had no idea that she was ill because it didn’t reflect in her work ethics. She kept working and responding to clients’ requests even from her sick bed. The sickness got so serious and she was confined to a wheel chair. She was later put on oxygen as she could no longer breath on her own.

She was told not to lose hope and focus on her recovery. It got to a point, Miss Judith vomited blood for three(3) days because she ate noodles. She was told not to eat anything with sodium in it. Her sister posted on instagram that Miss Judith love sleeping under Air Conditioner (AC) even as their mother disapprove it. Her sister found her died on Monday morning after she (her sister) went to check on her. More so, Judith had ask the mother to prepare fried rice for her that Monday morning.

A lot of hospitals are overcrowded as a result of the pandemic and other people who need medical attention are scared to visit health facilities so as not to contract the corona virus. She was taken to the first hospital but the doctors labelled her (BID) which ‘brought in dead’. The second hospital told the family that Miss judith had been dead for some hours. Most of her customers have spoken highly of her on social media.


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